About the speaker


A native of South Carolina, Trey Gowdy earned his law degree there before becoming a federal prosecutor in 1994, litigating the full range of federal crimes and twice receiving the highest performance rating for a federal prosecutor. In 2000 he won his campaign for 7th Circuit Solicitor (District Attorney), heading up an office of 25 attorneys. Among other initiatives, Trey Gowdy started a Violence Against Women task force, an enhanced and expanded Drug Court and implemented a protocol designed to assist expectant mothers in breaking the cycle of addiction.

In 2010 he successfully campaigned to represent the 4th Congressional District of South Carolina in Congress. During his four terms there Trey served on the Judiciary Committee, Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Intelligence Committee, Education and the Workforce Committee and Ethics Committee.

Trey Gowdy returned to his home state earlier this year to practice law, teach classes with Senator Tim Scott (with whom he coauthored the New York Times bestseller Unified) and to speak on legal issues he considers important to our country. He is also a Fox News contributor.